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Stackable Shipping Solutions

Wood packaging is essential for trade, both domestically and internationally. From equipment and merchandise to building materials, agricultural products, or paper supplies, chances are, it’s been shipped safely and securely with Alberta Pallet wood products.

We can build standard or custom pallets to match your specific needs.

Using only top quality Spruce/Pine/Fir (SPF), our 'machine built' pallets guarantee more consistent strength than hand-built varieties. Our 50,000 square foot facility allows us to produce large volumes of stock in order to provide our customers with just-in-time inventory and fast, convenient delivery service. Not only do we provide standard sizes but also build to any specification. Our responsibility also reaches into recycling, where we strip down used pallets and harvest any of the reusable ones for resale, saving metal parts for salvage, passing the savings on to our customers.

It is believed that the introduction of several invasive pests such as the Brown Spruce Long-horned and the Pine Shoot Beetle into Canada is directly related to the arrival of wood packaging from other parts of the world. These pests can cause irreversible impacts to forest health and biodiversity and so in March 2002, the International Plant Protection Convention adopted the wood packaging standard ISPM No. 15, which recommends that all wood packaging shipped internationally be heat treated.

The American Food and Drug Administration intends to add an amendment to ISPM No. 15 which would oblige the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to comply with these same regulations for all pallets, new and used, into the States. Foreseeing this possibility, Alberta Pallet's CFIA licensed kiln dryer can treat 30,000 board feet a day, stamping the wood in such a way as to be traceable to the country of origin and the producing facility.

Customized Bed Frames

In addition to supplying wood packaging for all our customers' shipping needs, a section of our production facilities is devoted to supplying mattress manufacturers with the best quality wood bed frames in all sizes.